Greetings From Waikiki


Our Goal With the Show

With Greetings from Waikīkī, we strive to dismantle the stereotypes associated with Hawaiʻi. Instead of showing the romanticized version of Hawaiʻi, we are choosing to focus on the realities of our home. By doing this, we hope to educate people without knowledge of Hawaiʻi and shed light on the issues we face on a national level.  

We want to make the bridge to understanding social issues in Hawai‘i easier for our audience by using comedy. Comedy has proven to be a critical tool in attracting attention to complex social issues as well as providing an effective entry-point for a wide swath of viewers. We firmly believe in the power of comedy as a tool to influence and drive social change. 

People will be drawn to Greetings from Waikīkī not only for its comedy but for its unique perspectives and relatability. The topics we cover are universal and deeply important to global movements for sovereignty and indigenous rights. It is a show for people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, indigenous communities, low-income families, houseless families, people affected by gentrification, and people who have never felt properly represented around the world.

This project is unique in that is made by people from these communities. We believe that a show like this is important because of the visibility it brings to our people, cultures, and home. We want our viewers to feel proud of who they are after finally seeing bits of themselves on screen. 

Our Team

Our multi-talented team consists of creatives from Hawaiʻi who identify as women, trans, non-binary, LGBTQ+, and people of color. It is a show for the people of Hawaiʻi, by the people of Hawaiʻi.

Marie Eriel Hobro: Co-Creator, Director, Producer, Writer, Director of Photography 

Valerie Narte: Co-Creator, Writer, Director of Photography

Ginger Morris: Co-Creator, Writer, Editor 

Kalani Tatiana Young: Lead Actress, Writer, Cultural Advisor

Edward Hemphill: Co-Producer, Camera Operator, Writer, Editor

Tia Masaniai: Writer, Cultural Advisor

Daniel Ikejimba Jr.: Writer, Actor, Sound Engineer

Lala Openi: Writer, Camera Operator

What is our show about?

Greetings from Waikīkī is a comedic satire/mockumentary TV series that can be described as The Office meets The Last Black Man in San Francisco. The show will follow Kandi Akana-Roberts, a trans Hawaiian/Filipino woman, who is forced to leave her fake food career behind to take over the family hotel after her father dies. The hotel is one of the last Native Hawaiian-owned hotels in Waikīkī. When she finds out that developers are trying to buy the land, she fights alongside her family and coworkers to save the hotel from gentrification. This show was created by collective team members, Marie Eriel Hobro, Valerie Narte, and Ginger Morris. Filming is set to take place in Summer of 2020. Our team is currently in the process of pre-production and funding.

Promotional shots of Tatiana Kalani Young, who will be portraying our lead, Kandi Akana-Roberts. Photographed by Marie Eriel Hobro.